Snowflake Softchip

Snowflake Softchip
Snowflake Softchip Approx. 25 kg

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Snowflake Softchip Horse Bedding offers several major advantages over other bedding products. Snowflake Softchip is dust extracted to minimise dust levels in the stable, essential to maintain peak health and fitness. Softchip bedding is free draining, yet absorbent. This allows urine to drain away from the surface to be held in the lower layer of the bedding and so keeping your horse nice and dry. Any dropping can be easily lifted off the top of the bed with a fork. This bedding is a naturally warm, soft and comfortable, with a pine fresh odour. Your horses' bed will be stable under foot with very little movement. Because Snowflake Softchip is made from environmentally friendly natural wood fibre, it becomes an excellent compost material after use. Snowflake Softchip wont cling to manes, tails and rugs and Softchip won't be wasted as it does not cling to dropping so the muck heap will be smaller so you will spend less time mucking out and grooming and more quality time with your horse. Snowflake Softchip is the ideal alternative bedding product. Whether you're competing at the highest level or simply riding for pleasure